Corporate social responsibility – RSE

Ismocol S.A. In compliance with its Social Responsibility Policy, has identified its stakeholders with whom it is harmoniously, respectfully and responsibly, based on current legislation, Human Rights and the policies of our clients.

Our operation is based on compliance with the Substantive Labor Code, the Internal Labor Regulations, the Code of Ethics and Coexistence, the commitment to the environment, the safety of our workers and the promotion of healthy working environments.

We have implemented participatory mechanisms with the objective of opening a channel of communication with all stakeholders, which has allowed us to feed back and grow in our commitment to Sustainable Development, which translates into profitability, social strengthening and environmental care.

With regard to the social environments of the different projects we carry out, we act with the utmost respect for ethnic and cultural differences, fostering the economic development of the region, the qualification of labor competencies of the workforce and the management of petitions, Complaints and demands and requests from different actors belonging to the social context.