Corporate social responsibility – RSE

Ismocol S.A. All our actions are developed within a climate of harmony with the environment and the environment respecting the communities where we carry out our operations. All under a framework of human rights, occupational health and industrial safety.

We have a physical security procedure endorsed by the Superintendency of Surveillance which complies with recognized international protocols in this matter, we also have a system of management by competencies where corporate social responsibility is an added value to our comprehensive systems.

Salud, Seguridad en el Trabajo y Ambiental

In environmental matters, our priority is to reduce negative impacts on the environment, orienting actions towards the minimization of air emissions, optimization of water and energy, reduction of pollution and waste loads, and correct waste management.

Our performance has been evaluated since 2000 by the Colombian Safety Council, an entity that gathers information on the management of contractors in the hydrocarbons sector in terms of industrial safety, occupational health and the environment.

Our high qualifications ratify our commitment to quality and consolidate us as one of the companies with the highest standards in the provision of services for the hydrocarbons sector in Colombia.