I hereby acknowledge and accept the Policy established by ISMOCOL S.A. For the treatment of personal data, as well as the rights that I hold as the holder of the information, which are the data that will be requested, the treatment and purpose to which my personal data are submitted in each of its databases, The faculty that I have to answer or not to the sensitive data that I request and the full identification of the person in charge of the treatment of my personal information.

As a result of the above, I AUTHORIZE ISMOCOL S.A. To make the processing of my personal data in accordance with the Policy of Treatment of Personal Data, which I again declare to know.

Bogotá Headquarters

  • PXB: +57 – 1 – 7442636

Bucaramanga Headquarters

  • PXB: +57 – 7 – 6573377


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  • Operaciones: 1501
  • Licitaciones: 1751
  • Línea de Ética: 1210